• CURRENT HEADQUARTERS: Oakland / California (USA)
  • SPECIALIZATION: flexible bottles, reservoirs and water storage accessories


HYDRAPAK is an American producer specialized in the design of watering systems, using mostly flexible bottles, reservoirs and water storages. Their products are created for professional runners, cyclists and lovers of mountains –  for any activity where hands-free fluid delivery is needed. The management team of Hydrapak put a lot of emphasis on the innovative technologies and using of flexible and ecological materials – safe for the user’s health as well as for the environment. As they say in Hydrapak: ““Good” is never “good enough” and each time we make an improvement to a product, we erase the whiteboard and, again, ask ourselves “now how can we make this even better?” Year after year, the innovations have added up. Our industry-leading, performance-driven product line is better than it’s ever been, but we’ll never think a product is absolutely perfect. So we’ll continue to design, test, and innovate: it’s at the core of what we do.”

More information: http://hydrapak.com.

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